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Nick Senger

Nick Senger has been teaching literature, writing and Religion since 1990, and in 2001 he was named a Distinguished Teacher of the Year by the National Catholic Education Association. A husband and father of four, Nick is an eighth grade teacher, vice principal and technology coordinator at a Catholic school in Spokane, Washington, USA. He is also a deacon for the Diocese of Spokane.

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Catholic School Chronicle

The mission of Catholic School Chronicle is to be a source of news, resources and community building for all those interested in Catholic education. Though its primary audience is Catholic school teachers and administrators, Catholic School Chronicle also benefits others involved in Catholic education and catechesis. You'll find the following helpful resources at Catholic School Chronicle:

Teen Literacy Tips

Teen Literacy Tips is an educational blog that provides readers with teaching techniques and advice for improving the teaching of reading and writing to teens. If you're a junior or senior high teacher, the materials you find here will help you in your quest to help teens become more literate and analytical. The articles and resources on Teen Literacy Tips are intended to help you become the reading mentor students need: the Gandalf to their Frodo, the Good Witch to their Dorothy, the Socrates to their Plato.

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