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Fr. RIck Nagel

Open the Door and Let the Spirit Get to Work

Deacon Greg Kandra has a seemingly endless supply of inspiring, funny, and/or deeply spiritual videos to post on his blog The Deacon’s Bench. Here’s one he posted yesterday about a parish that’s using its prime location to great effect in evangelizing: Sometimes it’s that simple. God doesn’t need much from us–just a little–and once we’ve opened the door, the Spirit gets to work. Read the rest of the story at The Deacon’s Bench to find out what St. John’s is doing over Superbowl weekend.

Man with Cane

How the Church Can Help GenXers and Boomers in Culture Conflict

Barbara Nicolosi-Harrington has written an extraordinary piece for Patheos analyzing how the entertainment industry is changing as the Baby Boomers give way to the GenXers, and how the Church can minister to both generations. Nicolosi-Harrington sees a possible rediscovery of optimism and faith in Generation X films, and recommends that the Church encourage and affirm these efforts. At the same time, Baby Boomers need help taking responsibility for their mistakes: “The rigid eradication of tradition, the gross materialism, the unbridled license, the embarrassing promiscuity — all always accompanied...

Vice President Biden

Does Ridicule Have a Place in Catholic Discourse?

Last week I commented on the blog of a popular Catholic apologist when he seemed to ridicule Vice President Biden.  Though it appears I misunderstood his blog post, the comment began a brief discussion about the place of ridicule in public discourse.  I wrote, “I’d like Biden out of office, too, but not by ridiculing him out.  Let’s raise our level of discourse and not lose our souls to gain the whole world.” Here is what he had to say in response: …I guess I have to disagree...

Using Technology to Get Teens to Pray

How can we use cell phones, mp3 players and social networks as tools to get kids into prayer?  That was the question I addressed yesterday in my presentation at our annual diocesan inservice for Catholic teachers. I began with a quote from Jean-Pierre de Caussade: Today God still speaks to us as he used to speak to our ancestors at a time when there were neither spiritual directors nor any systems of spirituality…Religious devotion had not become a science crammed with precepts and detailed instructions.  Nowadays, no doubt,...

Jonathan Sullivan Screenshot

Free Webinars for Catechists and Teachers

Jonathan Sullivan, the Director of Catechetical Ministries for the Diocese of Springfield, Illinois, has posted this excellent introduction to social networks and their implications for catechists. After you watch it, be sure to head over to his valuable website at JonathanFSullivan.com to register for his next free webinar, Catechizing Digital Natives. Thanks to Jared Dees for the tip!


Understanding Hell in 7 Minutes

Like most people, my eighth graders struggle with trying to understand what hell is and how to avoid it. In the following video, Fr. Barron offers a clear and succinct explanation: Tip of the hat to Fr. Christensen of the White Around the Collar blog.