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Ice Skating Rink in Lloyd Center, Mall, Portland, OR

Ice Skating in the Mall

Happy Feast of St. Joseph! I’m back at the conference after another beautiful walk from the hotel, and I’m excited about today because the exhibition hall opens up this morning. The exhibition hall is where technology vendors come to display their gadgets, software and services. Hopefully there will be some cool things to take pictures of and learn about. Today I plan on attending some sessions on Google Apps, game-based learning, and (if there’s room in the workshop) coding with Scratch. If you’re reading this during class today,...

NCCE 2015

First Day of Workshops

I’ve attended three workshops today so far, and they’ve all been excellent: Extend Learning Using Online Discussion Forums – In this 2-hour workshop I learned all about using Schoology and Edmodo to extend learning beyond the classroom. This is something I will definitely be trying with some classes when I get back. Make Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Programs Work – This was another two hour workshop about how some schools are having students bring their own devices to use for schoolwork, instead of the school providing them...

Oregon Convention Center

Oregon Convention Center 

It’s a beautiful morning in Portland, and after a brisk 10-minute walk from the hotel to the Oregon Convention Center I was greeted by this statue of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Trimet Light Rail

Light Rail

Found the light rail terminal and took it all the way to my hotel. Pretty impressive (and inexpensive) way to travel. A smooth 25-minute ride, and only $2.50.

On Board

Empty Seats

Sitting on the plane, a Bombardier Q400. Small, but lots of empty seats, so I ended up getting two seats to myself.

NCCE 2015 Logo

NCCE 2015

I’ll be leaving for Portland, Oregon in a few days to attend NCCE 2015, “the largest ed-tech conference in the Northwest.” As I travel I’ll be posting about the trip here.