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Figurehead of HMS Surprise

Below Deck on the HMS Surprise

One of my favorite books is actually an entire series–the Aubrey/Maturin series by Patrick O’Brian. You may have seen the movie based on the books, Master and Commander, starring Russell Crowe. The series is about the exploits of Captain Jack Aubrey and his best friend Dr. Stephen Maturin. They sail on many ships in the series, but the ship that is dearest to them is the HMS Surprise. It was a real treat for me to discover that the HMS Surprise that was used in the movie is...

David Coleman, President of College Board

NCEA 2016 Reflections from Day One

Yesterday’s opening keynote was from David Coleman, president of the College Board, the organization responsible for the SAT and Advanced Placement tests. His talk was inspiring and filled with hope, and he was overflowing in his praise of Catholic schools. The first three-fourths of his presentation was spent thanking Catholic education for giving students five gifts that he believes the world needs desperately: Productive Solitude Reverent Reading of Shared Texts Restful Excellence Gratitude and Grace Dignity and Pricelessness Next followed some great educational sessions and a visit to...