Alfred Hitchcock Presents: 12 Stories for Late at Night

Alfred Hitchcock 12 Stories for Late at Night

12 Stories for Late at Night is the second of three anthologies edited by Alfred Hitchcock that I read for the Deal Me In Short Story Challenge this year. It contained some of the creepiest stories of the year, including “The Cocoon” by John B. L. Goodwin, “Vintage Season” by C. L. Moore, and “Our Feather Friends” by Philip McDonald.

I always enjoy these Hitchcock anthologies, but this is one of the better collections, especially since it contains several top tier authors including Ray Bradbury, M. R. James and Evelyn Waugh.

Here are the stories from the collection, along with the dates I read them:

A♦ “Death Is a Dream” by Robert Arthur – Finished 8/27/2017
2♦ “The Whole Town’s Sleeping” by Ray Bradbury – Finished 12/23/2017
3♦ “Evening Primrose” by John Collier – Finished 4/9/2017
4♦ “The Cocoon” by John B. L. Goodwin – Finished 11/26/2017
5♦ “Vintage Season” by C. L. Moore – Finished 10/22/2017
6♦ “The Ash Tree” by M. R. James (also in Ghost Stories of an Antiquary) – Finished 8/6/2017
7♦ “Side Bet” by Will F. Jenkins – Finished 1/22/2017
8♦ “Second Night Out” by Frank Belknap Long – Finished 12/10/2017
9♦ “Our Feather Friends” by Philip MacDonald – Finished 8/27/2017
10♦ “Back There in the Grass” by Gouverneur Morris – Finished 10/8/2017
J♦ “D-Day” by Robert Trout – Finished 4/23/2017
Q♦ “The Man Who Liked Dickens” by Evelyn Waugh – Finished 5/14/2017

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  1. Jay says:

    The Ash Tree has long been a favorite of mine. Still gives me the creeps just remembering it as I type this. 🙂

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