Prayer Tools for Netizens

The following resources were compiled for a presentation I gave on using technology to help teens in their prayer life.  See this page for details on the presentation.

Please share these resources with anyone who works in catechesis or youth ministry. I’d love to add to the list, so if you have any suggestions, please let me know by leaving a comment. You can also join the One Catholic Life Facebook Group and leave suggestions there.

General Websites

The following websites are excellent sources of material for classroom prayer or individual meditation.  They can also serve to provide students with models of how to pray.


Besides a few Catholic “channels” to check periodically, be on the lookout for inspiring or unusual videos that can be used to open or close a prayer service, or that can serve as subjects for meditation.  If your school’s internet connection makes showing YouTube videos difficult, try out KickYouTube or the Firefox extension DownloadHelper for ways to download the videos to your home computer for transfer using a thumb drive or CD.


Podcasts are audio or video programs that can be downloaded to a computer and then synced to an mp3 player like an iPod.  The easiest way to acquire podcasts is through the iTunes store, where you can subscribe to them for free. There are many excellent prayer podcasts available on the web and in the iTunes store.  Here are few of my favorites:

iPod/iPhone Apps

As the iPod Touch and iPhone continue to grow in popularity, Catholic software developers are creating applications that help us build our relationship to Jesus and live out faith. Though some iPod applications cost money, there are several that are free. The following links will open in  iTunes.

Social Networks

As more parishes and schools begin to utilize social networks, prayer requests and resources can be shared with families in their networks.

Resources for Professional Catechetical Development

Stay current with new resources in catechesis by subscribing to the following blogs in a blog reader like Google Reader.

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