The Last Queen of England by Steve Robinson

The Last Queen of England by Steve RobinsonIf you love genealogy, mysteries, or stories set in contemporary London, then you will likely enjoy The Last Queen of England by Steve Robinson. Main character Jefferson Tayte is an American genealogist on a brief visit to London when he gets embroiled in an elaborate (and confusing) plot to topple the British monarchy. They key to the mystery lies in the genealogical records of the House of Stuart, but Tayte has to survive long enough to be able to solve it.

This genealogical thriller is a quick and easy read, a perfect beach read or airplane book. It would also be a great read for someone about to visit London or for someone who has visited many times and wants to relive some of the sights. While it’s not up to the quality of the best thrillers on the market, it is still unique and entertaining enough to please most readers. In some ways it felt similar to the National Treasure movies starring Nicolas Cage.

I do a bit of genealogy myself, and I’ve enjoyed each of the first three Jefferson Tayte books. The Last Queen of England is a bit different than In the Grave and To the Blood, however. The first two Tayte books are more about individual family histories rather than an entire royal house, and they felt more “genealogical” than The Last Queen of England, but all three books are entertaining. I’ll definitely be reading more in the series.

The Last Queen of England by Steve Robinson
First edition Seattle: Thomas & Mercer, 2012
Print length: 324 pages

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