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Mystery of the Chinese Junk 0

The Book That Changed My Life

I swear that the story I’m about to tell you is true. It’s odd and a little eerie, but it really happened. First, though, a little background. A Book Bargain for Bibliophiles A few...


Shakespeare Teaches the Birds and the Bees with Sonnet 2

I was amused this morning when I read a tweet from helloSchmoop comparing Shakespeare’s Sonnet 2 to a parent giving their child “the talk.” You can see for yourself what they mean by visiting...


Virtual Tour of Hell

Dante’s Divine Comedy continues to influence our culture’s view of hell, and yet most people haven’t read this important work of literature. From the popularity of figures such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer and...


Free Audio Books for Educators: Lit 2 Go

A colleague of mine just sent me a link to a great literature resource from Florida’s Educational Technology Clearninghouse–Lit2G0: MP3 Stories and Poems. The Clearinghouse is providing free downloads of classic public domain texts....