Catholic Educator Blogs

Students blogging

The good news is that there are Catholic teachers, administrators and catechists who are willing to share their wisdom, knowledge and experience with anyone willing to follow their blogs. The bad news is that there are so few of these bloggers out there. Currently, there are over 7,000 elementary and secondary Catholic schools in the U.S, staffed by over 154,000 teachers and principals, but I could find less than forty blogs by Catholic educators. Even BarbinNebraska’s Twitter list of Catholic educators, arguably the biggest list of Catholic teachers using social media, only has forty-four teachers as of this writing.

To be sure, Catholic teachers are overburdened and rightly need to make teaching their number one priority; but it’s a shame that more don’t take the time to share their ideas and resources with the rest of the world. Blogging can take as much or as little time as you want, and can be as professional or informal as your personality and goals dictate. If you teach in Catholic schools, please consider starting a blog of your own.

Here’s the list of all the blogs by Catholic educators that I’ve been able to find. I’d love to be able to add to this list, so please let me know of any blogging teachers, administrators and catechists that I may have missed.