10 Inspiring Teacher Videos to Lift Your Spirit

The following inspirational teacher videos will make you want to be a better teacher. Use them at the beginning of the year to set your goals, in the middle of the year to rejuvenate your spirit, or at the end of the year to celebrate your accomplishments. Share them with colleagues and friends, use them at faculty meetings, and show them to your students.

1. Taylor Mali on What a Teacher Makes

2. The Impact of Reading Literature

3. The Make a Difference Movie

4. When you think you can’t you CAN:

5. Mr. Holland finally figures it out:

6. Mr. Keating inspires his students in Dead Poets Society:

7. The Importance of Teachers Who Care:

8. Hero in the Hallway:

9. Mr. Keating teaches his class how to read literature:

10. And the greatest cinematic teacher tribute of them all, the moving final act of Mr. Holland’s Opus:

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