New Poll and Other Site News

There are a couple of site changes to take note of this week:

  • [The poll has expired.]
  • You might have noticed a new menu item called Book Store. This is the Teen Literacy Bookstore, where I’ve selected some of the best books for teachers of literature. Be sure to check it out–maybe you’ll discover something that will change your teaching forever.
  • Finally, a reminder that every time you make a purchase from a link found here you help further the cause of teen literacy by helping to defray the costs of this website and contributing toward books for my classroom library. Thanks to the generosity of people like Chaleygirl, I was able to purchase several new titles yesterday for my students, including Markus Zusak’s award-winning novel The Book Thief.

Thanks again to everyone who has supported Teen Literacy Tips over the past few months, either by leaving comments or by patronizing the sponsors. I couldn’t do it without you.

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