New Blog for Catholic Educators

Because I’ve noticed a huge vacuum when it comes to Catholic education resources on the Internet, I’ve begun a new site, Catholic School Chronicles. The mission of Catholic School Chronicles is to be a source of news, resources and community sharing for those who teach in Catholic schools and those who have an interest in Catholic education.

Catholic School Chronicles will feature timely articles, classroom resources, podcasts, and much more, all specifically directed at the unique challenges of teaching in Catholic Schools.

As a new site, it is still in its infancy, but will continue to grow only if others visit, subscribe and leave comments. Please help get the word out to all your colleagues and friends who may be interested in this endeavor. If you know of any resources for Catholic teachers, I would love hearing about them so I can share them with others.

And don’t worry, Teen Literacy Tips isn’t going anywhere.

You can visit Catholic School Chronicles at and you can subscribe to it with this RSS feed.

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