Wallpaper Images for Blackberry Users

I just got myself a new Blackberry phone to help keep myself more organized, and I made some wallpaper images that I thought others might enjoy. Some are literary, and some are album covers, but all are images that I thought looked pretty cool. All images are 240×260 for the Blackberry Pearl:

The Yellow Admiral

A scene from The Yellow Admiral

Doc Savage

Electric Light Orchestra – Out of the Blue

Electric Light Orchestra – Discovery


Gandalf the Grey

Kansas Point of Know Return

Kansas – Point Of Know Return

A Pre-Raphaelite Painting

A Library

Moody Blues - The Present

The Moody Blues – The Present

Don Quixote 01

Don Quixote 01

Don Quixote 02

Don Quixote 02

Don Quixote 03

Don Quixote 03

Streets of Fire 01

Streets Of Fire: A Rock & Roll Fable 01

Streets of Fire 02

Streets Of Fire: A Rock & Roll Fable 02

Stone of Farewell

Tad Williams – Stone of Farewell

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